Exciting News

This #GivingTuesday support the children of

St. Edmond's Home for Children. 


They learn together, make friends together and grow together.


A Safe Place to Learn

Crystal Lincoln is thrilled to have both her daughters attending Saint Katherine Day School. Like all sisters, Tamika and Christina Lincoln are excited to have each other to lean on in school. They learn together, make friends together and grow together.

What makes their story truly special is that Saint Katherine Day School is a school for intellectually disabled children. Because of Saint Katherine’s, Tamika and Christina, 19 and 15 respectively, are able to attend a school where they are cherished, respected and safe, where they feel included, smart and capable with goals and dreams of their own. For example, Tamika works at a nursing home and likes it so much that when she graduates she wants to continue her work with caring for the elderly.

They learn together, make friends together and grow together.

What makes this kind of achievement possible is the way Saint Katherine Day School teaches these very special children. St. Katherine’s teaches what the principal, Kathleen Gould, calls functional academics, life skills to help them navigate in the world. All with a strong overlay of Catholic values. Children like Tamika and Christina are welcomed with open arms at Saint Katherine’s. When asked if the girls were Catholic, Principal Gould replied, “No. But we don’t teach children because they’re Catholic; we teach them because we are.”

With a Lower School in Wynnewood and the Upper School in Radnor, embedded in Archbishop Carroll High School, St. Katherine Day School currently serves 69 students. They have room to serve more, and there is, of course, an enormous need. But that takes money, which is where your donation to this year’s Catholic Charities Appeal comes in. Helping children like Tamika and Christina have a safe place to learn and dedicated parents like Crystal have some peace of mind is what Catholic Charities does best. But we can’t do it without you. With your donation you’ll be giving much more than money. You will be giving hope to all.